6 Vocabulary

This section describes the different terms used throughout Rilouworld’s documentation.

actor An actor is any entity that exists in a given zone of a world. It can react to events, render to the screen, and emit events to other actors.

For example, a player is an actor that renders on screen and listens for movement events, and a keyboard is an invisible actor that listens to pressed and released keys.

Actors are packed in bundles. When you create a world, you can use actors from the bundles of your choice. Keep in mind though that to stay coherent, you shouldn’t pick too much bundles, otherwise your world is going to feel out of place and cluttered.

Good bundles for beginners are: spacecat, ma.

bundle A collection of actors written using the Racket programming language. A bundle implements a game logic by providing different actors which are useful together.





world A world is a collection of coherent levels made by one or more players, and shared with others.

zone A zone is a playable part of a world. It is made of a map and any number of actors.