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2.1 Creating a world

2 Introduction to the Quest language

 #lang rilouworld/quest package: rilouworld

For the full language reference, see Quest Reference.

2.1 Creating a world

The Quest language is a declarative language which provides a simple and intuitive syntax for writing new adventures in the Rilouworld.

Let’s say we want to create a world where the main goal is to take care of plants and make the most luxurious garden. We will call that the World of Gardening! You can barely restrain from rushing and trying that out, can you?

Well, let’s create a new folder "gardening" and write the "main.world" file:


#lang rilouworld/quest
  (name "World of Gardening")
    (zone garden
      (name "Your Garden")
      (map "garden.map")
      (type outside)
      (rectangles (rect 0 0 100 100))
      (actors (simple-player (pos 50 50))))))