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1.1 Starting the engine

1 Overview

Rilouworld is a decentralized game environment in which players can create and share their own worlds.

Worlds are made using a domain specific language call Quest (rilouworld/quest), which allows you to describe zones, monsters, objects, weapons, characters, dialogs, and of course, quests.

This project is a work in progress and an experimentation. It’s not ready for production yet, but you are welcome to join us on the Github repository if you like the idea!

1.1 Starting the engine

 (require rilouworld/engine) package: rilouworld
 (require rilouworld/quest)
 (require rilouworld/account)

To start the game engine as a client, you can use the engine-start function:

 (engine-options 512 384 "Rilouworld")
 (load-quest "worlds/ma/index.world")
 (account "EuhMeuh" 'supa))