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require:  phase-order

3 The Syntax Warnings Language

 (require racket/base/warn)
  packages: syntax-warn, syntax-warn-lang

This library provides a variant of the racket/base language that adds syntax warning wrappers around various forms. For example, the require binding introduced by this language enforces a few "good style" practices around require clauses.

When racket/base/warn is used as a #lang language, everything from racket/base is provided. Various forms are adjusted to attach syntax warnings in certain cases. Warning kinds for these warnings are also exported.


(require require-spec ...)

Like in racket/base, but warns require:phase-order when the given require-spec forms are not in phase order. Phase order is for-syntax first, for-template second, for-label third, for-meta fourth, and all other forms fifth.


require:phase-order : warning-kind?

A warning kind for when require clauses are not phase ordered.