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Syntax Warnings

Syntax Warnings

This library includes forms and functions for working with syntax warnings. A syntax warning is a compile-time source code annotation meant to draw attention to potential defects. Syntax warnings can be used to point out bad code style, sub-optimal constructs, excessively verbose code, or use of deprecated features. Additionally included in this library are the raco warn and raco fix commands for finding and fixing warnings, and the #lang racket/base/warn language which provides many forms in racket/base with warnings attached in various ways.

Source code for this library is avaible at https://github.com/jackfirth/syntax-warn

This library is provided as several packages. These packages are organized as follows:

    1 The Syntax Warnings Reference

    2 The Syntax Warning Command Line Interface

      2.1 raco warn: Checking Syntax Warnings

      2.2 raco fix: Fixing Syntax Warnings

    3 The Syntax Warnings Language