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Building, Distributing, and Contributing to Racket

Building, Distributing, and Contributing to Racket

The main Racket source code repository is

This guide explains how to build those sources, how to create Racket distributions like the ones at https://download.racket-lang.org, and how to contribute to Racket development.

    1 Building Racket from Source

      1.1 Git Repository versus Source Distribution

      1.2 Git Repository Build Modes

      1.3 Quick Instructions: In-Place Build

      1.4 Quick Instructions: Unix-Style Install

      1.5 More Instructions: Building Racket

      1.6 More Instructions: Building Racket CS and Racket BC

      1.7 Even More Instructions: Building Racket Pieces

        1.7.1 Building Minimal Racket

        1.7.2 Installing Packages

        1.7.3 Linking Packages for In-Place Development Mode

    2 Distributing Racket Variants

      2.1 Running Build Farms

      2.2 Generating Installer Web Sites

      2.3 Managing Snapshot Web Sites

      2.4 Separate Server and Clients

      2.5 Creating a Client from an Installer Web Site

    3 Contributing to Racket Development

      3.1 Main-Repository Contributions

      3.2 Distribution-Package Contributions

      3.3 General Contribution Guidelines

      3.4 More Resources