16 Acknowledgments

One curious aspect of free software is that you can appropriate the benefits of other people’s work while making it look like your own. No such legerdemain here. Whatever effort I’ve put into Pollen is dwarfed by the epic accomplishments of the Racket development team. I thank all of them — especially Eli Barzilay, Matthew Flatt, Jay McCarthy, Robby Findler, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, and Matthias Felleisen — for making this tremendous tool available, for adding several features I suggested, and for patiently answering my dumb questions over the months.

Thank you to Greg Hendershott for his Markdown parser.

Thank you to Ahmed Fasih, Malcolm Still, Joel Dueck, and other early-stage Pollen users for their patience & suggestions.

The best software tools do more than get the job done. They create an incentive to undertake jobs you wouldn’t have attempted before. Racket encouraged me to become a better programmer so I could create Pollen. Likewise, I hope that Pollen encourages you to make things you couldn’t before.