32 Untyped versions of the modules

Georges Dupéron <georges.duperon@gmail.com>

 (require phc-toolkit/untyped) package: phc-toolkit

The module phc-toolkit/untyped and the modules below it (phc-toolkit/untyped/stx etc.) provide the same bindings as phc-toolkit, but those functions and macros are declared in an untyped context. This means that no check is performed on the arguments (contracts have not been added yet to the definitions in this library). This untyped version of the library exists mainly so that macros defined within the modules work with untyped racket, as macros declared within a typed/racket module normally throw an error when used in an untyped context.

The following untyped modules are available (a link to the typed version is noted for each):

Furthermore, the following module is only available as an untyped module: