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Neovim client for Racket

Neovim client for Racket

Alejandro Sanchez <hiphish@openmailbox.org>

 (require nvim) package: nvim-client

The Neovim text editor offers an RPC API to let the editor communicate with external processes. This API client library provides the functionality to connect to a Neovim process and exchange information with it. It can be used control Neovim, write Racket remote plugins, or implement a GUI in Racket.

Source code: https://gitlab.com/HiPhish/neovim.rkt

    1 Introduction

      1.1 Installation

      1.2 An example session

    2 Neovim RPC sessions

    3 Neovim API

      3.1 Classes

    4 Remote plugins

      4.1 An example remote plugin

      4.2 Defining remote plugins