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2 Neovim RPC sessions

A Remote procedure call (RPC in short) is the process of calling a procedure in a remote process as if it were a local procedure. What this essentially means is that a programmer may offload some work onto a remote process and get the result back without having to deal with the messy details of remote communication. In the particular case of the Racket Neovim client we achieve this by attaching to a Neovim process, which gives us back an object which we can then send messages to.

The "nvim" module provides all the components of the Neovim client; it implicitly provieds the API and remote plugin submodules, which are described in their own sections.


(nvim-attach in out)  nvim%

  in : input-port?
  out : output-port?
Attach to a running Neovim process over the in input port and the out output port. The result is an object representing that Neovim instance.


(current-nvim-instance)  (or/c void? (is-a?/c nvim%))

(current-nvim-instance nvim)  void?
  nvim : (or/c void? (is-a?/c nvim%))
 = (void)
Represents the current Neovim instance, void by default. This parameter will be autmatically set in remote plugins.