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Net2:   Evolved Networking Libraries

Net2: Evolved Networking Libraries

 (require net2) package: net2

The net2 library is a framework for building networked communication protocols. It defines several abstractions for establishing connections to other parties in an abstract network, as well as tools for high- level communication between those parties.

Included in net2 is a full HTTP2 client and server implementation, allowing Racket programs to communicate over TLS-encrypted HTTP2 via TCP connections over the Internet, machine-local UNIX domain sockets, or in-memory pipes within a single Racket process. This functionality is defined across several modules:

Source code for this library is avaible on Github and is provided under the terms of the Apache License 2.0.

    1 Networking Data Structures

      1.1 IP Addresses

      1.2 Abstract Registered Names

      1.3 DNS Names

      1.4 UNIX Socket Names

      1.5 Authorities

      1.6 URIs

      1.7 Contract Utilities

    2 Transports

      2.1 Transport Primitives

      2.2 Transport Cleanup and Disposables

    3 Transport Connectors

      3.1 Connector Concepts

      3.2 Connector Primitives

      3.3 Composing and Extending Connectors

    4 Transport Listeners

    5 Operating System Networking