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Please use GitHub Issues to report bugs or make feature requests.

Frog is a static web site generator written in Racket.

You write content in markdown or scribble formats.

You generate files. To deploy, you push them to a GitHub Pages repo (or copy them to Amazon S3, or whatever).

Posts get a variety of automatic blog features.

You can also create non-post pages.

The default templates use Bootstrap, which is “responsive” (adapts to various screen sizes).

Why “Frog”? Frozen blog.

    1 Quick start

      1.1 Installing Frog

      1.2 Updating Frog

      1.3 Starting a new blog project

        1.3.1 Project file tree

        1.3.2 frog.rkt

      1.4 Creating blog posts

    2 Posts

      2.1 Markdown source files

        2.1.1 Post metadata

        2.1.2 Markdown template files (experimental)

        2.1.3 Code blocks in markdown files

      2.2 Scribble source files

        2.2.1 Pygments code blocks

      2.3 Automatic post features

    3 Non-post pages

    4 sitemap.txt

    5 Templates

      5.1 Page template

      5.2 Post template

      5.3 Index template

      5.4 Template Example

      5.5 General Template Tips

        5.5.1 Use |s to delimit template variables

        5.5.2 Use local-require in templates

        5.5.3 Literal @

        5.5.4 More

      5.6 Widgets

    6 Embedding a blog in an existing site

      6.1 Tilde Club members

    7 Parameters

    8 Body enhancers

    9 Paths