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Xiden Tutorials

Xiden Tutorials

Each section of this document covers how to accomplish a well-defined task using Xiden, when doing so would be tangential to other documents.

For all documentation, see Xiden: Functional Dependency Management in Racket.

    1 Integrity Checking

      1.1 Relationship to OpenSSL

      1.2 Creating Integrity Information using Xiden

    2 Limit Packages to Specific Racket Versions

    3 Limit Packages to Specific Operating Systems

    4 Add Custom Metadata to Package Definitions

    5 An Informal Overview of Xiden’s Monadic “Do” Notation

    6 Abstract and Concrete Package Inputs

    7 Overriding Inputs

    8 Securing Xiden

      8.1 Check Implicit Trust First!

      8.2 How to Trust No One

      8.3 How to Learn to Trust Again

      8.4 Securing Xiden: Recap

    9 Handling Package Conflicts

      9.1 Scenario: Version Conflict

      9.2 Scenario: Interrupted Prototyping

      9.3 Scenario: End-user Support