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5.1 Editions
5.2 Revisions
5.3 Package Version API

5 Package Definition Versions

A package definition has a version.

A version is a combination of an edition and a revision.

5.1 Editions

An edition is a non-empty string.

The default name for an edition is "default".

An edition has at least one revision.

5.2 Revisions

A revision is either a revision number or a revision name.

A revision number is an exact non-negative integer.

A revision name is a string alias for a revision number.

A revision name should not repeat within an edition, but may repeat across editions.

Revision numbers start counting from 0.

5.3 Package Version API

 (require xiden/version) package: xiden

Returns #t if the input value is useable as a revision number.

Returns #t if the input value is a string that, when converted to a number, is useable as a revision number.


(revision-number-variant? v)  boolean?

  v : any/c

Returns a revision number in terms of a variant type.

Returns a revision number string in terms of a variant type.


(make-revision-interval lo 
  #:lo-exclusive lo-exclusive 
  #:hi-exclusive hi-exclusive) 
revision-number? revision-number?
  lo : (or/c revision-number? #f)
  hi : (or/c revision-number? #f)
  lo-exclusive : any/c
  hi-exclusive : any/c
Creates a possibly invalid integer interval using

(values (if (and lo lo-exclusive) (add1 lo) lo)
        (if (and hi hi-exclusive) (sub1 hi) hi))

lo and hi may be #f to capture cases where revision names cannot map to revision numbers. In that case, the corresponding interval bound will also be #f.