Xiden:   Functional Dependency Management in Racket
1 How to Use this Documentation
2 Why use Xiden?

Xiden: Functional Dependency Management in Racket

Sage L. Gerard <sage at sagegerard dot com>

Xiden is a functional (as in “functional programming”) dependency manager for Racket.

1 How to Use this Documentation

Xiden’s documentation is indexed here. Each other document links back to this one for navigation purposes.

Xiden Guide covers how to install Xiden, and the most typical ways to use it. It does not spend much time on corner cases or nuances. Read this first.

Xiden Tutorials is similar to the guide, but each section covers a well-defined topic. Any problems or scenarios shown in a tutorial have well-defined solutions.

Xiden Practices has sections that are similar to tutorials, where problems come from human error or habits. The document focuses on practices because how the programmer approaches the problem is more important than what the programmer uses.

Xiden Reference is a formal definition of the API, and all modules in the xiden collection.

2 Why use Xiden?

Xiden is a powerful alternative to raco pkg, Guix, and Nix. Xiden allows you to distribute software to others by custom rules, to the point you may easily produce your own Steam, or App Store. Xiden is also suitable for use as a component of continuous integration systems and operating systems.

End users ultimately control how Xiden works on their system, so they can act as their own naming authority for all software found over the network. Naming conflicts are simply cache hits for a cache the user controls.

Xiden’s built-in launcher defaults to a zero-trust configuration that covers cryptographic hash functions, signature verification, server authentication, and safety limits for data transfers. The trust model may adapt to information security incidents because you can always revoke consent for compromised cryptographic operations and grant consent to a hardened approach.

It is possible to iterate using Xiden’s zero trust configuration to build an exact trust profile, then encode that configuration as a custom launcher for those who prefer convenience over security. You can distribute these custom launchers with Xiden itself, so that you can easily equip developers and non-developers with the tools that they need.

Xiden includes localization facilities for translating its messages to other languages, and performs stateful operations atomically. It is robust, extensible, and built to help you handle every case of dependency hell.

I built Xiden with my experience solving software distribution problems for companies with thousands of employees of varying technical skill, with infrastructure spread across multiple continents. Xiden is licensed under the GPL out of respect for end-user rights. Xiden is available under non-free licenses for a nominal fee.