4 Workspaces

All of Xiden’s files appear in an initally empty workspace directory called xiden-workspace. Xiden organizes files in xiden-workspace according to the Filesystem Heirarchy Standard v3.0. This makes a workspace a valid target for chroot. You can therefore use Xiden to build a bootable or jailed application.

Any one of your projects can have its own xiden-workspace, and therefore its own configuration and dependencies. Each xiden-workspace is isolated unless you link them together yourself. You can define the actual root directory of a Linux system as a workspace for system-wide impact.

When Xiden starts, it will select a target workspace by searching for a xiden-workspace directory. It first checks if xiden-workspace is in the (current-directory). Failing that, Xiden will check each parent directory for xiden-workspace. If xiden-workspace does not exist, then xiden will create a new one in (current-directory).