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Vulkan API Integration

Vulkan API Integration

Sage L. Gerard <sage at sagegerard dot com>

This collection integrates Racket and the Vulkan API, with a focus on low overhead and C code equivalency. With this collection, it is possible to use Racket to follow along with Vulkan tutorials written for C and C++.

    1 Setup

      1.1 For Most Users

      1.2 For Contributors and Power Users

    2 Controlling the Vulkan Specification

    3 Unsafe Bindings

      3.1 Design Considerations

      3.2 What Did I Just Load?

      3.3 Platform-Specific Definitions

        3.3.1 X + RandR

        3.3.2 Wayland

        3.3.3 Windows

        3.3.4 XCB

        3.3.5 Zircon (Fuchsia OS)

        3.3.6 Google Games

      3.4 Spec Version Procedures

      3.5 Additional Procedures

    4 ravk: Vulkan Ecosystem Controls

      4.1 ravk show: Review key information

        4.1.1 ravk show spec: Specification review

      4.2 ravk generate: Generate Code to use Vulkan

        4.2.1 Using Built-in Generators

        4.2.2 Example: Your First Code Generator

        4.2.3 Generator Configuration Space


    5 Contributing

      5.1 What’s Needed Right Now

      5.2 Maintenance Guide

        5.2.1 System Design

        5.2.2 Maintenance Tasks