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The Video Language Guide

The Video Language Guide

Leif Andersen

 #lang video package: video-v0-1

Video is still an experimental library. While Video’s surface syntax is unlikely to change, certain core libraries might change.

Video Language is a DSL for editing...videos.

Creative name, I know...

Designed with similar designs in mind to Scribble, Slideshow, and Pict. It is still a work in progress and the interface may or may not change in the near future.

This libraries requires that you have the following libraries on your system.
Eventually Video will take care if this for you, but it currently does not.

Many of the implementation decisions of this library are based on my understanding of libmlt, and even requires the library to be installed on your machine to work. Unfortunately, libmlt lacks comprehensive documentation. If you see any invalid uses of libmlt, please notify me or submit a patch.

    1 Getting Started

      1.1 Video Basics

      1.2 Filters

      1.3 Playlists

      1.4 Transitions

      1.5 Multitracks

      1.6 Command Line Interaction

    2 Video API

      2.1 Bundled Producers

      2.2 Video Compositing

      2.3 Bundled Transitions

      2.4 Bundled Filters

      2.5 Properties

      2.6 Misc. Functions

      2.7 Alternate Units

    3 Player

    4 Rendering

      4.1 Render API

      4.2 Render Class

      4.3 Rendering References

      4.4 Render Mixins

        4.4.1 MP4 Rendering

        4.4.2 JPEG Rendering

        4.4.3 PNG Rendering

        4.4.4 XML Rendering

        4.4.5 List Plugins Rendering

    5 Graphical Non-Linear Video Editors

    6 Core Library

    7 Extended Video Lib

    8 Extending Video