5 Command Line Interface

Use the provided raco command to build unlike assets from the terminal. Use raco unlike-assets:build -h flag to see options.

  $ raco unlike-assets:build my-compiler.rkt news/index.php blog/index.md shop/index.html

The first argument is the Racket module that provides an instance of an unlike-compiler% subclass as (provide compiler). With the above command, the instance will be loaded using (dynamic-require "my-compiler.rkt" 'compiler).

Each other argument will be clarified and registered to the compiler using add!.

CAUTION: The assets you name for compilation are considered unclear and will be arguments to clarify. If your implementation of clarify assumes that all relative paths are relative to the same directory, then a relative path prepared via tab completion might surprise you.

  $ raco unlike-assets:build my-compiler.rkt ./project/assets/index.md # whoops

  Cannot clarify ./assets/index.md

    Path not readable: /home/sage/project/assets/project/assets/index.md


This source of confusion is part of the trade-off in providing consistent behavior when representing dependencies in the abstract.

It helps to remember that as the user, you are the first unlike asset and your dependencies are therefore subject to clarification.