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SXML:   S-Expression Representation of XML

SXML: S-Expression Representation of XML

 (require sxml) package: sxml
This library contains Oleg Kiselyov’s SXML libraries in a Racket-friendly format. It is a direct descendant of Dmitry Lizorkin’s PLaneT package. It’s different from that package in that
  1. It contains some documentation (here it is!),

  2. it contains some tests that run in Racket,

  3. it raises racket exceptions rather than printing to stderr and raising "-1",

  4. it has only one require point (ssax & sxml are both included), and

  5. it doesn’t depend on schemeunit:3, so it compiles quickly.

This documentation is scraped together from various sources; the bulk of it (currently) is pulled from in-source comments.
I’m hoping that this will become a Racket community project, with various people contributing documentation and test cases and maybe even bug fixes.
To that end, this code currently lives in a github repository which should be fairly easy to find. Patches gratefully accepted.
It’s perhaps also worth noting that this project currently has less than 23% test case coverage. Bleh.
For Heaven’s sake, report lots of bugs!
–John Clements, 2011-02-17