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Shell Pipeline Package

Shell Pipeline Package

William Hatch <william@hatch.uno>

The Shell Pipeline package is one of the major components of the Rash language. But parts of it may be useful for people who want to pipeline subprocesses without all of the Rash language, or without using Rash’s line-oriented syntax.

    1 Basic Unix-style Pipelines

      1.1 shell/pipeline stability

      1.2 shell/pipeline guide

      1.3 shell/pipeline reference

    2 Mixed Unix-style and Racket Object Pipelines

      2.1 shell/mixed-pipeline stability

      2.2 shell/mixed-pipeline guide

      2.3 shell/mixed-pipeline reference

        2.3.1 Specifying Mixed Pipelines

        2.3.2 Inspecting Mixed Pipelines

    3 Pipeline Macro Library

      3.1 shell/pipeline-macro stability

      3.2 shell/pipeline-macro guide

      3.3 shell/pipeline-macro reference

        3.3.1 Running Pipelines

        3.3.2 Pipeline Flags

        3.3.3 Pipeline Operators

        3.3.4 Defining Pipeline Operators

        3.3.5 Inspecting Pipelines

      3.4 Demo stuff reference

    4 Code and License