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Package racket-scaffold

Package racket-scaffold

Simon Johnston <johnstonskj@gmail.com>

This package primarily adds a new command to raco to generate source content. The tool, scaffold, has a set of pre-defined complex templates known as planks. Planks can be as simple as a snippet of useful reusable code, or as complex as a complete package structure (akin to the existing ’raco pkg new’ command).

    1 Using raco

      1.1 Example

      1.2 Planks

        1.2.1 Create a Package

        1.2.2 Create a Collection

        1.2.3 Create a Module

        1.2.4 Create a Test Module

        1.2.5 Create a Scribble

      1.3 Command-Line Flags

      1.4 Adding Your Own Planks

    2 Reference

      2.1 Module scaffold/planks

      2.2 Internal Arguments

    3 License