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 (require resyntax) package: resyntax

Resyntax is a refactoring tool for Racket. The tool can be guided by refactoring rules, which are macro-like functions defined in terms of syntax-parse that specify how to search for and refactor different coding patterns.

This tool is extremely experimental. Do not attempt to incorporate it into your projects yet. For now, the refactoring suggestions produced by resyntax are best viewed as glimpses into one possible distant future of static analysis for Racket. Feedback, questions, and ideas are all greatly appreciated and are best directed at the GitHub repository.

Resyntax does not have anything approaching a public API yet. If you want to actually try using it, open the source code of the resyntax module using DrRacket’s "Open Require Path" menu option, change the file path given to the refactor-file! function in the main submodule, then run it. Choosing a file checked into Git (or another version control system) is highly recommended in order to make it easier to view the diff and easier to undo the changes.