4 Collections

 (require rebellion/collection) package: rebellion

Rebellion provides several different types of collections. A collection is a container for values, like a list or a hash table. Different types of collections have different properties, for example sets are unordered and have no duplicate elements. For advice on how to choose the right collection type, see Choosing Collections.

    4.1 Choosing Collections

      4.1.1 To Key or Not to Key

      4.1.2 Collection Cheat Sheet

    4.2 Entries

    4.3 Lists

    4.4 Vectors

    4.5 Vector Builders

    4.6 Immutable Vectors

    4.7 Sets

    4.8 Hash Tables

    4.9 Multisets

      4.9.1 Querying Multisets

      4.9.2 Persistently Updating Multisets

      4.9.3 Multiset Iteration and Comprehension

      4.9.4 Multiset Conversions

    4.10 Multidicts

      4.10.1 Persistently Updating Multidicts

      4.10.2 Querying Multidicts

      4.10.3 Multidict Conversions

      4.10.4 Multidict Iterations and Comprehensions

    4.11 Association Lists

    4.12 Keysets

    4.13 Records

      4.13.1 Record Fields

    4.14 Tables

      4.14.1 Table Iteration and Comprehensions