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Racquel:   An Object/  Relational Mapper for Racket

Racquel: An Object/Relational Mapper for Racket

Scott Brown

Racquel is an object/relational mapper for Racket. It consists of several components.

Racquel supports connectivity to all the database systems provided by Racket’s DB package, which are: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, and through ODBC: SQL Server, Oracle, and DB/2.

Racquel can be used by installing the package using the Package Manager in DrRacket or from GitHub.

 (require racquel) package: racquel

    1 Data Class Mapping

    2 Automated Data Class Generation

    3 Data Object Persistence and Restoration

    4 RQL: The Racquel Query Language

      4.1 Syntax forms

      4.2 The join clause

      4.3 The where clause

      4.4 RQL examples

    5 Data Object Serialization