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Racket Turtle

Racket Turtle

 (require teachpacks/racket-turtle) package: teachpacks

In WeScheme use (require wescheme/Engb0r37Kg)

Racket Turtle - library provides a simple interface for drawing traditional turtle-graphics. Racket Turtle has also a stamper functionality, so its images are not limited to line drawings.

Racket Turtle was designed to teach programming and geometrical concepts for middle school students but it can also be used to teach more advanced programming concepts such as lists and recursion.

Images drawn with Racket Turtle:

    1 Racket Turtle Principles

      Simple example

    2 Commands for Racket Turtle

    3 Drawing functions for Racket Turtle

    4 Racket Turtle examples

      4.1 Drawing a square

      4.2 Drawing a square using repeat

      4.3 Drawing two squares in a same picture

      4.4 Drawing a square using a function

      4.5 Drawing a square using coordinates

      4.6 Mirroring a square

      4.7 Drawing a square using a stamper

      4.8 Changing pen style and size

      4.9 Drawing a line in a grid

      4.10 Drawing a line with multiple stamps

      4.11 Changing background color, background image and animation size

      4.12 A line with changing colors

    5 Racket Turtle examples with recursion

      5.1 Spiral with changing pen color

      5.2 Spiral with changing pen color and size

      5.3 Flower spiral with changing sizes and colors

      5.4 Star spiral with changing sizes and colors