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Build Websites Using Any Racket-Powered Language

Build Websites Using Any Racket-Powered Language

Sage Gerard

 (require polyglot) package: polyglot

polyglot lets you express web content using any Racket language among Markdown or tagged X-expressions. All websites built with polyglot get cache-busting and Webpack-like dependency handling for free.

polyglot ships with a CLI to create arbitrarily rich websites and publish them to S3 using a default workflow. If you do not agree with that workflow, there’s an API to write your own.

    1 Quick Start

    2 Where Things Are

    3 Mixed-mode Racket

      3.1 Relationship to Markdown

      3.2 Application Elements

        3.2.1 Setting a Page Layout

        3.2.2 Generating Application Elements

      3.3 Library Elements

      3.4 Accessing shared content

    4 Default Workflow

      4.1 How raco polyglot build Works

        4.1.1 Markdown Handling (".md")

        4.1.2 Racket Module Handling (".rkt")

        4.1.3 Default File Handling

      4.2 Live Builds

      4.3 Extending polyglot

        4.3.1 Specialized unlike-compiler% Class

      4.4 Publish to S3

        4.4.1 Assumptions

        4.4.2 Process

    5 Writing Custom Workflows

    6 License and contributions