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Polyglot:   Tutorials

Polyglot: Tutorials

Here you’ll find explanatory guides for specific topics in Polyglot that supplement Polyglot: A Guide for Building Websites With Any Language. If you are in a hurry and want to follow a recipe to get common things done, see Polyglot: How-Tos.

    1 Tutorial: Using Multiple Workflows

      1.1 Use .literal to Mark External Dependencies

      1.2 (Sloppily) Merging Distributions

      1.3 Aggregating Projects

    2 Tutorial: Preprocessing CSS

      2.1 Step 1: Start a New Project

      2.2 Step 2: Get Rid of the Starter Stylesheet

      2.3 Step 3: Install css-expr

      2.4 Step 4: Write a Style Module

      2.5 Step 5: Add to the Workflow

      2.6 Wrapping Up

      2.7 Troubleshooting Notes

        2.7.1 "styles.rkt does not exist"