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Polyglot:   API Reference

Polyglot: API Reference

Sage Gerard

 (require polyglot) package: polyglot-lib

This collection configures unlike-assets to build deeply-integrated websites using programs embedded in Tagged X-Expressions.

For a gentle introduction to Polyglot and its benefits, see Polyglot: A Guide for Building Websites With Any Language. For tutorials on specific topics beyond the guide, see Polyglot: Tutorials. For recipes used to carry out specific tasks, see Polyglot: How-Tos.

The polyglot module includes bindings from polyglot/builds, polyglot/paths, polyglot/txexpr, polyglot/elements, polyglot/projects, polyglot/base, polyglot/imperative, and polyglot/functional.

    1 Projects

      1.1 polyglot/projects

      1.2 polyglot/paths

    2 Workflows

      2.1 Built-In Workflows

        2.1.1 polyglot/base

        2.1.2 polyglot/imperative

        2.1.3 polyglot/functional

      2.2 polyglot/txexpr: Workflows from Scratch

        2.2.1 Analysis

        2.2.2 Replacing Elements

 Passive Replacement

 Aggressive Replacement

        2.2.3 Content Generation

      2.3 polyglot/elements

    3 Applying Workflows to Projects

      3.1 polyglot/builds

      3.2 polyglot CLI

        3.2.1 polyglot start: Start a Project

        3.2.2 polyglot build: Build a Project Once

 Specifying a Directory

 Specifying an Asset File

        3.2.3 polyglot develop: Build a Project Live

        3.2.4 polyglot demo: Build Demo Project

        3.2.5 polyglot publish: Publish to S3



        3.2.6 Shared Command Options

    4 Contributions