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4.1 Install
4.2 RESTful API
4.3 Rebuild the Docs
4.4 The Editor

4 Development

Pollen-rock’s development is on github.

Pollen-rock contains server code written in Racket and editor code written in React.

Once you’ve cloned the Pollen-rock source, you’re ready to work on the server. If you’re going to work on the server code, make sure you can pass all tests before sending out pull request.

raco test pollen-rock/pollen-rock

4.1 Install

The following command will clone the repo and install (link) the repo as a local package for development. The installation is a soft link, so any source change can take effect immediately.

$ git clone https://github.com/lijunsong/pollen-rock.git

$ cd pollen-rock

$ raco pkg install -l

If you encounter cache problem, you can run

$ raco setup -l pollen-rock

to rebuild the package.

4.2 RESTful API

The documentation of RESTful API is available locally in Racket documentation. The above installation will also build it. Run the following command to open Racket Documentation:

$ raco docs

Then search Pollen-rock. You won’t miss it.

4.3 Rebuild the Docs

Pollen-rock documentation lives in pollen-rock/scribblings/. To rebuild the document when you make changes, run the following command

raco setup --doc-index -l pollen-rock

4.4 The Editor

Follow steps described in README.md in the editor folder.