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Automated Planning

Automated Planning

 (require planning) package: planning

The process of planning consists of deciding which actions to perform in order to achieve some objective. One of the central products of artificial intelligence research is the field of automated planning computer algorithms capable of efficiently planning and acting in simplified models of the real world. Automated planning algorithms have thousands of uses, from playing board games to piloting spacecraft. The planning library is an attempt to make the tools and techniques of automated planning available to Racketeers.

As of early 2020 I’m building this in my spare time for fun. It is woefully incomplete, and I only plan to use it in the context of a few games I happen to be playing (and making) lately. If you would like to use it for something more serious, that’s great! But please contact me first (at the email address in the package description) to give me a heads up, otherwise you run the risk of me breaking your code on a whim because I’m assuming this package has no other users.

    1 Overview

      1.1 Basic Terminology

      1.2 State Representations

    2 The Set State Representation

      2.1 Set Actions

      2.2 Set Conditions

    3 The Multiset State Representation

      3.1 Multiset Actions

      3.2 Multiset Conditions

      3.3 Multiset Planning Problems

    4 The Hash State Representation

      4.1 Hash Actions

      4.2 Hash Conditions

      4.3 Hash Planning Problems

    5 Phase Transitions

    6 Sokoban