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PGMP:   Profile-Guided Meta-Programming

PGMP: Profile-Guided Meta-Programming

This collection provides a similar API to that described in Profile-Guided Meta-Programming. It also provides some useful profile-guided meta-programs.

pgmp uses errortrace to collect exact execution counts of every expression during a sample execution of a program. During subsequent executions, meta-programs (i.e. macros) can load the collected profile data through the API provided by pgmp/api/exact, and inform compile-time decisions based on that profile information.

The pgmp module reexports pgmp/api/exact at phase level 0 and 1, and pgmp/case, and pgmp/exclusive-cond at phase level 0.

    1 PGMP Quick Start

      1.1 Instrumenting and optimizing

      1.2 My First Profile-Guided Meta-Program

    2 API

    3 Profile-Guided Conditionals