1 C API Reference

 (require opencl/c) package: opencl

The FFI is mostly a transliteration of the C API. There are some arguments that are automatically computed and some C functions are represented in Racket with multiple types for each of their calling patterns. This documentation gives the exhaustive list of bindings and their contracts. Refer to the specification for the semantics of these functions. This documentation is organized around the specification to make this easier.

    1.1 Types

    1.2 The OpenCL Platform Layer

      1.2.1 Querying Platform Info

      1.2.2 Querying Devices

      1.2.3 Contexts

    1.3 The OpenCL Runtime

      1.3.1 Command Queues

      1.3.2 Memory Objects

      1.3.3 Sampler Objects

      1.3.4 Program Objects

      1.3.5 Kernel Objects

      1.3.6 Executing Kernels

      1.3.7 Event Objects

      1.3.8 Out-of-order Execution of Kernels and Memory Object Commands

      1.3.9 Profiling Operations on Memory Objects and Kernels

      1.3.10 Flush and Finish