Mumble Ping
1 Pinging Mumble Servers
2 Project Information
2.1 Racket Compatibility
3 To Do

Mumble Ping

1 Pinging Mumble Servers

This library provides a simple interface to query Mumble servers. It is implemented in Typed Racket.

 (require mumble-ping) package: mumble-ping


(mumble-ping host [port])  (Option mumble-ping-response)

  host : String
  port : Integer = 64738
Query Mumble server at host on port. This procedure uses the UDP Ping technique described at the Mumble Wiki.


(struct mumble-ping-response (version
    #:extra-constructor-name make-mumble-ping-response
  version : Mumble-Version
  users : Exact-Nonnegative-Integer
  max-users : Exact-Nonnegative-Integer
  max-bandwidth : Exact-Nonnegative-Integer
  latency : Exact-Nonnegative-Integer
A response from a mumble server. The fields are:
  • version is the Mumble server version.

  • users is the current number of connected users.

  • max-users is the maximum number of users the server supports.

  • max-bandwidth is the maximum bandwidth of the server.

  • latency is the duration between request and response in milliseconds.

2 Project Information

2.1 Racket Compatibility

Immutable-Vector is apparently not provided by typed/racket or typed/racket/base in 7.0 or earlier.

3 To Do

Implement a protobuf client that connects to the Mumble server, gets the user list, and disconnects.