lux-charterm:   amazing terminal programs

lux-charterm: amazing terminal programs

Jay McCarthy

 (require lux/chaos/charterm) package: lux-charterm

The lux/chaos/charterm module provides a chaos for terminal interfaces. This builds on charterm, which is a temporary fork of the CharTerm Planet package. Refer to the original’s documentation for interacting with charterm.


(make-charterm)  chaos?

Returns a chaos that manages the character terminal.

The values that word-event is called with are those returned by charterm-read-key, which are characters or symbols for special keys, like 'escape for the ESC key.

The values that word-output should return are functions that are called with the current-charterm set to the charterm managed by make-charterm, so that charterm functions like charterm-display, charterm-cursor, and charterm-clear-screen work without specifying the charterm argument.