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code/  format
code/  display
code/  print
code/  write


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 (require literify) package: literify

Default Scribble or scribble/lp2 doesn’t allow you to have some code both displayed and executed at the same time. This library provides several forms to enable this functionality.

For example, putting the below lines in your scribble document not only displays it, but also executes it. Displaying and executing code is done by code/eval:

  (define name "Mike")
  (define age 12)]

Then later in the document, you can display the code and its output by using code/print, code/display, or code/write:

  (string-append "hello " name)]


(code/eval expr ...)

Displays expr ... and also evaluates them in the current context. If the expressions returns a value, the value will attempted to be rendered in the document. If it cannot be rendered, e.g., if it’s not a string or pictures, the document will fail to be generated.

This form is usually used to defining valuables, functions, structs, etc. It can also be used to display pictures.

If you want to display the result of some expression, use code/format and its derivatives.


(code/format formatter expr ...)

  formatter : (any -> string?)
Displays expr ... and also evaluates them. The output of the expressions will be formatted by formatter and displayed.

The below forms are derived from code/format and use ~a, ~v, and ~s as the formatter respectively.


(code/display expr ...)


(code/print expr ...)


(code/write expr ...)