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#lang lindenmayer, a language for L-Systems

#lang lindenmayer, a language for L-Systems

 #lang lindenmayer package: lindenmayer

The Lindenmayer language provides a language for running and interpreting Lindenmayer Systems.

In general L-systems are useful for modeling plant growth, procedural content generation, and making pretty pictures:


    1 A Quick Introduction to L-Systems

    2 Interpreting L-systems

    3 Parameteric L-systems

    4 Conditional L-systems

    5 The #lang lindenmayer REPL

    6 Using Lindenmayer programs as libraries

    7 Simplified Lindenmayer System Language

      7.1 The Parser

      7.2 The Compiler

      7.3 The Runtime

      7.4 Syntax Colorer

    8 2D L-system turtles

    9 3D L-system turtles