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Lathe Comforts

Lathe Comforts

Lathe Comforts for Racket is a collection of utilities that are handy for writing Racket code. This is a non-intrusive toolkit; in most cases it should only make certain Racket code easier to write, without substantially changing the architecture of the project it’s used in.

Some of these utilities are designed with Parendown in mind. In some cases, Parendown’s weak opening brackets make it easier to get by with higher-order functions instead of custom syntax. (Note that due to limitations of Scribble’s Racket code formatter, we use Parendown’s ‘pd‘ macro to achieve these weak parens, rather than using its custom reader syntax.)

    1 Evergreen Utilities for Binding Syntax and Pure FP

      1.1 Utilities for Binding Syntax

      1.2 Utilities for Functional Programming

        1.2.1 Bindings and recursion

        1.2.2 Conditionals

    2 Utilities for Contracts

    3 Maybe Values

    4 Utilities for Strings

    5 Trivial Values

    6 Utilities for Lists and Natural Numbers

      6.1 Utilities for Natural Numbers

      6.2 Utilities for Lists

      6.3 Utilities for Natural Numbers and Lists Together

    7 Utilities for Hash Tables

    8 Utilities for Structs

    9 Utilities for Match Expanders