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Bogdan Popa <bogdan@defn.io>

This package provides a middleware that automatically sends exceptions to Sentry when they occur.

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((make-sentry-wrapper [dsn 
  #:client client 
  #:backlog backlog 
  #:release release 
  #:environment environment]) 
  (-> request? response?)
  dsn : (or/c false/c non-empty-string?) = #f
  client : (or/c false/c sentry?) = #f
  backlog : exact-positive-integer? = 128
  release : (or/c false/c non-empty-string?) = #f
  environment : (or/c false/c non-empty-string?) = #f
  hdl : (-> request? response?)
Creates a function that wraps a request handler so that any exceptions it raises get sent to Sentry.

When client is provided, all other arguments are disallowed. Conversely, client may not be provided when dsn is provided.

When either client or dsn is is #f, hdl is returned unchanged.