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Keybinding Base Language

Keybinding Base Language

Welcome to this documentation for the kb-base language. This language is for writing keybinding behavior, and when combined with macros (in ways that will be explained in this guide) one can extend DrRacket with new, macro-specific keybindings.

    1 Getting Started with Keybindings

      1.1 A Simple Example

      1.2 The ’keybinding-info Property

      1.3 A More Involved Example

      1.4 Looping Forms

    2 Some Example Keybindings

      2.1 Example 1: Swapping cond Branches

      2.2 Example 2: Converting Between Contract Forms

      2.3 Example 3: Pattern Matching Code Generation

    3 Keybinding Language Reference

      3.1 Operations

      3.2 Helpers

      3.3 Testing Utilities