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The Heresy Programming Language

The Heresy Programming Language

Annaia Berry

source code: https://github.com/jarcane/heresy

 #lang heresy package: heresy

The Heresy language is a functional Lisp/Scheme dialect implemented in Racket, with syntax inspired by the BASIC family of programming languages. Its principle goals are to provide a simple core language for BASIC and other programmers to experiment with and learn how to program functionally. This document will detail the general philosophy of the Heresy language, such as exists, as well as the language syntax and functions.

The Heresy language was created by Annaia Berry with additional contributions from many others in the Racket community.

Heresy and this documentation are Copyright (c) 2014 Annaia Berry and released under the terms of the GNU LGPL.

    1 The Heresy Rules

    2 Heresy Syntax and Conventions

    3 Heresy Reference

      3.1 Declarations

      3.2 Conditionals and Loops

      3.3 Predicates and Logic

      3.4 Syntax and Evaluation

      3.5 Input and Output

      3.6 Lists

      3.7 Strings

      3.8 Math

      3.9 Random Numbers

      3.10 Things

      3.11 Theory

      3.12 Pipe/Threading Operators

      3.13 Holes

      3.14 Maybe

      3.15 Monads and Do Notation

        3.15.1 Implementing a monad