GTP Paper
1 Usage
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GTP Paper

Ben Greenman

A raco command for writing SIGPLAN-style papers with Scribble.

See Adding a raco Command for more about raco commands.

1 Usage

To start a new paper named MY-PAPER:

$ raco gtp-paper --new MY-PAPER
$ make all

If all goes well, then you’ll have:
  1. a directory named "MY-PAPER/";

  2. a Scribble file "MY-PAPER/MY-PAPER.scrbl";

  3. a language #lang MY-PAPER;

  4. and a few other support files, including an "introduction.scrbl", "appendix.scrbl", a "Makefile", and a bibliography "bib.rkt".

To finish writing your paper,
  • add Scribble files to the current directory,

  • begin these files with #lang MY-PAPER,

  • and include them in "MY-PAPER/MY-PAPER.scrbl"

2 Reference

This section documents the bindings available in your newly-created #lang.

In addition to the bindings below, the #lang also has access to:

The idea is that .scrbl files should never use the require form. Everything they need should be in the #lang if something’s missing, you should add it to "MY-PAPER/main.rkt" or "MY-PAPER/bib.rkt".


(~cite b ...)  element?

  b : bib?
Renders a citation to the given bibliography entries.


(citet b ...)  element?

  b : bib?
Renders a noun-style citation to the given bibliography entries.

See define-cite for a little more information about ~cite and ~citet.