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Graphite:   a guided tour

Graphite: a guided tour

Graphite is a library for data visualization, designed to create common types of plots with as little effort as possible, and allowing for easy manipulation of the plot around the data without having to change the structure of the data itself. The interface is loosely modeled around the tidyverse’s ggplot2, so if you’re familiar with it, you should feel at home.

This tutorial is modeled around Kieran Healy’s work Data Visualization: A practical introduction, which uses ggplot2 and R rather than Graphite and Racket.

    1 Deciding what library to use

    2 Key forms

    3 Gapminder

    4 Bar charts

    5 Faceting

    6 Data wrangling, 101

    7 Data wrangling, 201: Wrangle harder