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This package adds the capability to create new Racket application from a set of pre-built, but working, starter templates hosted at

The from-template command this package adds to the Racket raco command line tools clones the chosen template and removes the git history to provide you with a fresh start.

All templates are use non-restrictive Apache2/MIT licences so you can use them in your own project freely.

1 Download/Install

In DrRacket, in File|Package manager|Source, enter from-template.

Or, on the command line, type:

raco pkg install from-template

2 Usage

Note: If you haven’t already done so, Set your PATH environment variable so you can use raco and other Racket command line functions.

For a list of available templates type

% raco new

Install a template by including the template name and a destination folder.

% raco new <template-name> <destination-dir>

If no destination path is provided the template is installed in the current folder.

% raco new <template-name>

The legacy command is still available;

% raco from-template <template-name> <destination-dir>