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Expect:   First Class Assertions

Expect: First Class Assertions

 (require expect) package: expect

This library provides expectations, composable first-class representations of assertions that should be true of some value. This library integrates with RackUnit to provide checks in terms of expectations, making it simpler to create custom checks with high-quality error messages.

Source code for this library is avaible on Github

    1 Data Model

    2 Using Expectations with RackUnit

    3 Comparison and Equality Expectations

      3.1 Comparison Attributes

    4 Boolean and Logic Expectations

      4.1 Boolean Attributes

    5 Data Structure Expectations

      5.1 Data Structure Contexts and Attributes

    6 Text and String Expectations

      6.1 String Attributes and Contexts

    7 Structure Expectations

    8 Procedure Expectations

      8.1 Procedure Context Structures

      8.2 Procedure Attribute Structures

    9 Macro Expansion Expectations

    10 Expectation Combinators

    11 Meta Expectations

    12 Conversion to Expectations