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Envy:   An environment variable manager

Envy: An environment variable manager

 #lang envy package: envy

All applications need some degree of configuration. Some options can be provided as command-line flags, but often the configuration is too complex to be specified in this way. For all non-trivial configuration, applications should store configuration in the environment to stay organized and to remain portable.

Envy helps keep environment variables in order by creating a way to declaratively specify all of your app’s environment variables in one place, automatically wrap them in a module, parse them from raw strings into a variety of different datatypes, and even properly associate them with Typed Racket types.

    1 Quickstart via #lang envy

      1.1 Specifying types

      1.2 Providing defaults

      1.3 Using explicit environment variable names

    2 Using Envy with S-expression syntax

      2.1 #lang envy/s-exp

      2.2 The envy module

    3 API Reference