5 Names and Download Pages

The #:name value for an installer is used in an HTML table of download links by the site or snapshot-site targets. The names are first sorted. Then, for the purposes of building the table, a | separated by any number of spaces within a name is treated as a hierarchical delimiter, while anything within { and } in a hierarchical level is stripped from the displayed name along with surrounding spaces (so that it can affect sorting without being displayed). Anything after ;  within a |-separated part is rendered as a detail part of the label (e.g., in a smaller font).

For example, the names

"Racket | {2} Linux | 32-bit"
"Racket | {2} Linux | 64-bit; built on Ubuntu"
"Racket | {1} Windows | 32-bit"
"Racket | {1} Windows | 64-bit"
"Racket | {3} Source"

are shown (actually or conceptually) as



     [32-bit] <built on Ubuntu>






where the square-bracketed entries are hyperlinks and the angle-bracketed pieces are details.