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6 Top Container: detail


(detail proc    
  #:formats? formats?    
  #:exception_value? exception_value?    
  #:line_break_length? line_break_length?    
  #:font_size? font_size?)  any
  proc : procedure?
  formats? : (or/c #f (listof (or/c 'raw 'console path-string?)))
  exception_value? : any/c
  line_break_length? : natural?
  font_size? : (or/c 'normal 'big 'small)
detail is the top container, all detail statement should be placed into proc.

formats?: reports list

formats? has below options:

#f: don’t run any detail statements, shutoff the log.

raw: detail raw information, used for debug.

console: output to console, format same as txt.

path-string?: support *.txt or *.pdf

exception_value?: when exception happens, return this value.

line_break_length?: global env, how long a line before auto returned.

font_size?: global env.