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Package codepoint

Package codepoint

Simon Johnston <johnstonskj@gmail.com>

This package provides types that describe individual Unicode codepoints, codepoint ranges, and character properties. The following example demonstrates the query of certain character properties that explain the behavior of combining the letter #\a with the character U+0304.

> (codepoint? 772)


> (ucd-name 772)


> (ucd-general-category 772)


> (cdr (assoc (ucd-general-category 772) *general-categories*))

"Non-spacing mark"

> (ucd-canonical-combining-class 772)


> (cdr (assoc (ucd-canonical-combining-class 772) *combining-classes*))

"Distinct marks directly above"

> (string #\a (codepoint->char 772))


The functions in codepoint/properties return the values extracted from the Unicode Character Database, and the only conversion is typically string to number or string to symbol. Descriptions of the values that are returned are gathered in codepoint/enums for display purposes.