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Pierce Darragh <pierce.darragh@gmail.com>,
William Gallard Hatch <william@hatch.uno>,
and Eric Eide <eeide@cs.utah.edu>

Clotho is a Racket library that supports parametric randomness in software applications. How to Use Clotho explains how to install and use Clotho, and Clotho API provides the documentation for the API.

    1 How to Use Clotho

      1.1 About Clotho

      1.2 Getting Started

        1.2.1 Installation

        1.2.2 Enabling Clotho in Your Code

      1.3 The Basics of Clotho

        1.3.1 The current-random-source Parameter

        1.3.2 Extracting the Byte String

        1.3.3 Replaying Randomness with Changes

      1.4 Advanced Clotho Usage

        1.4.1 Using Externally Defined Randomness Functions

        1.4.2 Abstracting Regions of Randomness

        1.4.3 Easy Stateful Execution

        1.4.4 Automatically Wrapping a Whole Module

    2 Clotho API

      2.1 Source of Randomness

        2.1.1 Example of Random Source Parameterization

      2.2 Random Generation Functions

        2.2.1 Common

        2.2.2 Characters

        2.2.3 Strings

        2.2.4 Sentences

      2.3 Macros

        2.3.1 Using Racket’s Randomness Functions

        2.3.2 Randomness Abstraction

      2.4 Version String

      2.5 Stateful Execution

      2.6 Avoiding Racket’s Built-In Functions

    3 Acknowledgments

    4 Code and License